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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporters of high and standard quality Beauty care Instruments,  Dental Instruments & Jewelry Instruments. Bravo Impex is member of SCCI and Surgical Association.


Our skilled technicians begin with fine grade of stainless steel and handcraft them into instruments of perfect quality. A combination of traditional manufacturing methods and modern technology helps us to produce all the products at very affordable prices. Our company is well equipped with modern machinery. Bravo Impex always wish and work in research of higher and higher quality products which has resulted that Bravo Impex has a good name in this field. We have skilled and powerful setup to fulfill all the demands in time.


We proudly present all instruments made under strict quality standards and strongly committed to compliance with global human rights and labor standards as related to the manufacturing of all materials used in the production of our products. All instruments are manufactured according to the standardized pattern. Steel used in manufacturing of instruments is pre-tested stainless and conforming to international standards. At bravo Impex what we value more is the Customer Satisfaction; our Customer Care Department is always seeking to make our Customers feel great.


Our QA (Quality Assurance) Department is check the quality of instruments during the various stages of manufacturing and finally before packing, to ensure that every tool we produce must be of high quality and meets the set standards of the organization.

Our Aim

Bravo Impex has earned the credit to get the entire satisfaction of the customers. By providing

  • Quality Products
  • Fair Prices
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Good Packaging


Our Mission


We are committed to providing a product line that guarantees quality and extraordinary value to the end user as well as a level of service, satisfaction, and cooperation that has become a hallmark of Bravo Impex. We strive to match or exceed the requirements and expectations of our value conscious customers. We pledge to provide you with the finest in materials, craftsmanship and value available in our industry. As a matter of fact, we guarantee it.

Hygiene & Restorative

Bionik TI Implant Hygiene
Diagnostic Instruments
TiNi Plastic Instruments
Restorative Instruments
Endodontic Instruments
Crown Removers

Surgical Instruments

Root Tip Extraction
Surgical Elevators

Extraction Forceps

Apical Retention Forceps
AB / AS Series Forceps
ROBA TM Forceps
300 Series Forceps
Molar Forceps

Tissue Surgery

Surgical Instruments
Periosteals / Retractors etc
Needle Holders

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